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GoodWood Collection



Introducing our new 8 product range, complemented with mouldings and accessories to match.
The GoodWood Collection by Heritage Woodcraft in association with Kahrs Flooring.

General Information & Guide

The surface of a 1-strip board is sawn in one piece. This emphasises the natural beauty and accentuates every detail, from variations in colour and grain, to individual knots.

Underfloor Heating
Kahrs wood floors are suitable for installation above underfloor heating systems. A vapour barrier should always be used between the heating system and wood floor. It is important that the system is turned off before installation and that the surface temperature never exceeds 27 degrees Celsius across the entire surface (including under rugs and furniture), as this could create humidity/moisture issues. 

Kahrs Guarantee
Hundreds of people and thousands of eyes scrutinise every piece of wood that goes into Kahrs flooring. They select the trees in the forests, guide the saw blades in our saw mills, examine each board to find the perfect raw materials and inspect every inch of flooring before it is delivered. whilst we also have high-tech machines, we still rely on the human eye to match the different hues, structures and qualities that make Kahrs floors unique. We are very proud of our products and offer 20 years warranty on our GoodWood Collection.

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