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The grain of a tree is a unique fingerprint of nature: The even and beautiful surfaces of Osmo Woodfiller preserve this individual character. Osmo Woodfiller is a non-acryllic and water-based multi-purpose edge-filler, wood putty, crack filler and sanding sealer all in one.  Unlike most woodfillers, it can easily be sanded at any time after drying, and it's fast drying -within approx. 30 minutes. Non-flammable and non-toxic, heat and freeze-proof, will not crack, shrink, sink or fall out.



  • Quick drying

  • Can be retreated with all Osmo wood finishes when dry

  • 100ml patches small cracks, holes and joints in wood

  • 250g fills small and large cracks

  • 250g does not shrink or fall out (suitable for ceilings)

  • 250g can easily be sanded at any time after drying

Woodfiller 250g